Getting the most out of your demand generation campaigns

There are some key ingredients needed to get an effective demand generation campaign off the ground. In B2B telemarketing, having the correct tools and set up can make all the difference between mediocre results and a winning campaign.

Your database, your biggest asset

A database is required to house all your contact information and should be updated constantly to keep it a valuable resource to your business. It can be said your prospect database is your most valuable asset and therefore, it needs to be handled by professionals who can ensure the format, contact and marketing information are useful and workable. There is nothing more damaging than providing poor information to your telemarketing team. Not only can it damage the perception of your business within your target market but it also shakes the confidence of the agent.

B2B telemarketing equipment

To sense check the effectiveness of your calls and the objection handling skills of your telemarketers, you’ll need equipment to allow you to record calls and keep track of the information generated. No marketing campaign is effective unless you can track success and have the means to assess the effectiveness. Monitoring progress is essential to adapt and tweak your approach to increase your chances of success.

There’s no substitute for experience

No matter how good your equipment or data is, if you don’t have relevant experience you can struggle to get the results needed to justify the investment. With training costs for your agents, effective technology and a good list of contacts, you need to ensure your telemarketing services expertise can get the best out of your resources. For those without knowledge and previous experience in this form of demand generation activity, talk to an outside company specialising in this area. They can share their expertise and ensure that your telemarketing campaigns are a success.

At IZEN Marketing, we offer an integrated approach to B2B demand generation and your business can benefit from our years of experience in the field.

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