Fire alarms and extinguishers save lives

Everyone at work needs to have a degree of safety awareness. Even the most apparently benign working environments can harbour hidden dangers that put employees at risk. Everyone has a part to play from senior managers through to the most junior employee.

Fire safety at work can be a matter of life or death. Fire can start and spread in minutes. It’s frightening just what can happen. What starts as a small fire can engulf an entire building. For those inside the best thing to do is evacuate. A firm alarm gives people a vital early warning and head start should an incident occur.

Fire alarm systems have saved countless lives in the UK. As well as installing alarms, firms need to drill their staff so they know exactly what to do in the event of fire breaking out. The fire alarm combined with an orderly evacuation can prevent something far worse happening.

Along with fire alarm systems building mangers need to make fire extinguishers available, although the emphasis should be on leaving the fire fighting to the professionals. If something small breaks out that can be contained by swift intervention then fine. Anything more serious should trigger an orderly exit and a call to the fire brigade.

Every company and landlord needs access to a dedicated supplier of specialist fire safety equipment like alarms and extinguishers. Buildings need to comply with legislation so the people who work inside are protected.

The Safety Centre can help. They stock the latest cutting edge systems and equipment to help keep the workplace safe and protect staff from fire risks. Each building is different and unique. They can advise on how best to protect each environment from fire hazards to keep staff working safely. Fire kills. Regulations must be followed and alarms and extinguishers installed.

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