Does Size Matter?

Now, now. Calm down. We are often told that size matters in many things in life, and indeed it does in some. And this is never more true than when looking at the size of diamonds and the size of jewellery.

However, this doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. Instead, the size of jewellery needs to be right for the wearer and right for the occasion and style in question. For instance, if you have a very small finger, then a huge diamond may look ostentatious rather than alluring, and likewise larger diamond earrings are liable to not suit those with a certain shaped face.

Therefore, when it comes to buying any jewellery, from bracelets right through to diamond engagement rings, it is important to pay attention to which size is going to be right for you.

When it comes to presents, it is also wise to have an idea of the size of the person you are buying for. Whether you are buying necklaces or a diamond engagement rings, knowing what size their finger is, or how long your partner’s optimum length of necklace is, will make a huge difference, and it is usually only a case of borrowing and measuring a piece of jewellery before you go out and buy something.

Whether you are buying jewellery for yourself or for someone else, getting the size right at the start is going to be very important. When it comes to presents it is easy to assume that the bigger the diamonds on an engagement ring or in diamond earrings, the more it will be appreciated, but in reality subtle can be better, especially for those women with smaller hands.

Ultimately, whoever the jewellery is for, be sure that you understand what different sizes will mean to different people and for different items before you make your choice.

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