The advantages of affordable UK web hosting

The internet has developed with such speed and vitality that it can be surprising to reflect that it has only been with us in its commercialised form for the past fifteen years or so. As a global phenomenon, the internet is indeed still in its youth.

The same applies to web hosting, an industry which has grown in parallel with the internet. Web hosting has overall become slicker, faster, more efficient, organised, and more reasonable in cost.

One signal of the increasing maturity of the web hosting industry is that site owners now tend to prefer a hosting company based in their home country. This was not always the case. In the early years of the internet, web site owners in the UK, for example, regularly opted to have their sites hosted by companies in the USA. At the time there were quite good reasons for this. The US web hosting industry was more sophisticated and enterprising, with considerably more money invested in it than in the UK. Web hosting could also be cheaper in the US.

However, the UK web hosting industry has, in the past decade or so, caught up with a vengeance. For instance, the price difference is now a thing of the past, and web hosting in the UK now has complete price parity with other countries.

In fact you can now find brilliant, affordable website hosting from EUKHost – we’re a prestigious award-winning company that is been in business for a decade. We have, moreover, built up loyal customer base.

With cheap web hosting by EUKHost, your UK visitors will also benefit from the improved connection speeds coming from connecting to a site in their home country.

With affordable website hosting from EUKHost you can directly experience the advantages of basing your site in the UK.

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