Summer Sports

The supplies you will need to perform first aid for sports in the summer are likely to be quite different to those that will be needed in the winter. As such, it is wise to not just assume that you will have everything you need in the summer, just because you have been covered in the winter.

Not only will fluids be far more important in the summer, but people are also far less likely to see the cold causing injuries, whether that be in terms of pulled muscle or in terms of overstretching due to slippery surfaces. In turn, you may well find that you can reduce the amount of certain items in your first aid kit once summer comes around, and instead replace them with items specific for summer.

Whilst an instant ice pack and heat spray will still always be needed, you may well also need to consider that the sun will be more of a problem during the summer months and as such you may also need to add sun cream and after sun to your first aid supplies. Even hats may well be needed by some on days that are particularly hot and drinks high in sugar may well be needed by anyone showing signs of sunstroke.

Of course, whilst there are going to be fewer injuries caused by cold muscles, many people will still end up overdoing it and, as such, you will also need to ensure you have the likes of a support bandage on hand too, along with an idea of when it is best to use cold and heat to treat problems.

Protection from the sun will be the biggest change in the summer and preparing accordingly can make a big difference to those playing sports, helping them not only be treated, but also to simply avoid needing treatment in the first place.

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