Footwear and Work Safety

There are many reasons why footwear is important in the workplace. From simply ensuring comfort to keeping feet safe from potential dangers, footwear is as important a part of any uniform as any other item. And yet, whilst many businesses will have a wide array of hardhats or hi viz jackets available for both visitors and any staff who might need them, very few businesses will consider having extra work boots available as a precaution.

Of course, it is easier to find a jacket to fit numerous people than it will be to find a pair of steel toe cap boots to do the same. However, many businesses simply fail to supply such footwear because such a protective measure doesn’t seem as important as many other protective items.

It is worth remembering that any workplace can see people injure their feet, from the most high risk environment to the most seemingly innocuous. Whilst flagging up dangers is one way of avoiding problems, ensuring that all members of staff and visitors have the right footwear or work boots is going to be integral. Should someone come to work unsuitably attired in terms of footwear, it is important to not simply let it go and to ensure that the problem is rectified as opposed to being forgotten about.

For many businesses, it will be extremely cheap to buy even good quality steel toe cap boots if they are bought in bulk and, as such, you may well find that you can increase productivity and safety at a very low cost. By simply buying a few pairs of each relevant size you could be protecting your workforce and ensuring they can get on with any job that needs doing at any time.

From giving workers the right footwear to simply giving them the room to change body position and to rest their feet when they need to, a focus on protecting your worker’s feet could be surprisingly important.

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