How to order embroidered polo shirts

If you wanted a job lot of embroidered polo shirts to use as workwear or for promotion what would be the first thoughts that flipped through your mind? I’m guessing the cost of the embroidered polo shirts would be one of the concerns, let’s face it, you don’t want to pay any more for embroidered workwear than you have to. Plus there are other factors to consider when you are choosing embroidered polo shirts before you place a final order. Ordering embroidered polo shirts should be a simple task but it can quickly get out of hand if you don’t set your stall out from the start. So make sure you know what you are doing when you order embroidered polo shirts and follow these simple steps.

Check the sizes you need for embroidered polo shirts. Don’t just buy a job lot of extra-large embroidered polo shirts thinking one size fits all. That won’t work! If you are buying embroidered workwear the last thing you want is workers wearing polos that are way too big, it’ll spoil the look of their uniform. So jot the sizes you need for people and make sure the embroidered polo shirts are going to fit. If you plan to give the embroidered polo shirts away at a product promotion or a sales launch just order a set quantity of each size and cater for the masses.

Look at the quality of the material for the embroidered polo shirts. Cheap materials might save a bit of money but how well are they going to wear? Sure they’ll look fine the first time your workers don their outfits but what happens after the embroidered polo shirts have been washed and worn a few times? Buy quality garments and they should last for ages so make sure the polo shirts are made from durable and dependable materials.

Think about the style and the colour of the embroidered workwear. Pick a design that suits your business and choose a colour that matches your corporate livery. Make sure the polos look smart and they’ll transform the look of your workforce, you’d be amazed at the difference a few embroidered garments can make.

Finally drive a hard bargain for the polo shirts and negotiate as much as you can before you place that final order. See if you can get a discount for bulk buys and that’ll help to bring the cost down.

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