Are We Running Out of Resources?

Oil prices are rising dramatically. Even our home energy bills are soaring. There are warnings of fuel shortages to come and even bigger price hikes over the next decade. It all seems to point towards one thing: we are running out of resources. But is this really true?

Ultimately, it is not true in the slightest. Whilst finite energy sources and fossil fuels are indeed more depleted than they once were, there are still many resources to be mined throughout the world. However, what is more important to remember is the fact that there are many renewable energy sources that are unlikely to run out whilst we still inhabit the earth.

The energy resources we have at our disposal are unlikely to run out for millions of years and despite the rising prices, even fossil fuels have a lot of life left in them. However, whether we have plenty of finite fuel left or not, the fact that the prices are rising so steadily means that very soon renewable energy will just be the only affordable way to power our homes and cars.

That being said, it is likely to be best to beat the rush. We pay far more than we should for oil as it is a commodity we need, and great profit can therefore be made. As such, solar panel prices are quite low at the moment, but once solar panel installations become a must we may well see the cost of these installations rising dramatically.

Therefore, those that embrace renewable power early are likely to save huge amounts in the long run. Not only will they avoid having to pay a huge amount of money in energy bills as fuel bills rocket, but they will also probably just end up paying less for the solar panel installations in the first place.

Solar panel prices are as low as they have ever been, and the sooner you buy, the sooner you will save and the less likely you are to be hit if the prices rise.

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