The Right Solar Panels for You

Solar energy is solar energy, right? Well, whilst it may seem that all solar panels are indeed exactly the same, there are many different options you can choose from, and even different ways to source solar panel installations from the start.

Firstly, whilst you may have heard that solar panel installations are expensive, you can actually find that some solar panel companies will install them for free for you. However, this isn’t philanthropy, but instead they make money by selling on the excess power generated to power companies. The fact that they do this proves just how lucrative selling on power can be and therefore, for anyone that can afford the investment of solar panels, buying them outright is likely to be a far more sensible approach.

There are also three basic types of photovoltaic panel. The first is monocrystalline which is the most efficient and effective, but also the most expensive. The second is polycrystalline which, as the name suggests, uses numerous crystals of silicone instead of one. They are slightly less efficient, but cheaper. However, they also need a very sturdy mounting.

Finally, there are amorphous panels. These are cheap but fairly inefficient and lose even more efficiency quickly over time. As such, anyone looking for a long-term investment should look for solar panel companies that offer one of the first two and weigh up which they can afford to buy.

However, choosing the right company is also important. Each company will offer different types of panel at different prices and therefore looking online to compare prices between companies can be extremely important.

Knowing how much you can afford to invest is the first place to start, as the more you invest the more you will get in return over time. However, always be sure that the company you choose is extremely reputable and offers the best possible prices.

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