Vehicle tracking systems used in airport redevelopment

Vehicle tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular as the technology advances and more firms become aware of the benefits associated with fleet vehicle tracking.

One project that is making use of provisions like this is the Airport 2040 scheme at Guernsey Airport. In a bid to minimise traffic disruption, organisers are utilising a sophisticated GPS tracking system. This is intended to help managers ensure the highest standards of driving are adhered to.

The transport hub is using detailed plans to minimise disruption while the works are carried out and it is working with the police and the Traffic Section of the Environment Department.

Commenting on the issue of transport, public services project manager Gerry Prickett said: “Logistically, it is one of the most complex elements of the project and potentially has the greatest impact. The level of detail that has gone into the planning will ensure any disruption is minimal, which hopefully will allay any understandable concerns that islanders have.”

A fleet controller and route marshal are being used to manage all vehicle operations and multiple vehicle tracking systems using real-time GPS are recording all movements, documenting the miles driven, idle times, speeds and so on. Also, a two-way radio system is being used to ensure the fleet controller has constant communication with all the drivers involved.

The vehicles being used for the project are standard construction tipper trucks and tractor and trailer units. They are all limited to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and they are regularly inspected to ensure they don’t have any damage or defects.

Meanwhile, as well as using fleet vehicle tracking to maintain high standards, managers are also making sure that all drivers used, including those recruited locally, are provided with comprehensive training.

By using tracking technology, firms can keep a closer eye on their drivers and any problems can be identified quickly and with ease.

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