Improve response rates with plastic cards

Marketing still takes place out there on the streets. All sort of companies from the smallest to the very largest have people employed on the ground handing out promotional materials. Whether it’s just people from a local business handing out flyers on the high street to sponsors of a sporting event handing things out at the stadium, it’s a form of promotion that gets results. Well some of the time. It all depends of the quality of the materials.

All too often simple paper flyers are just thrown away and discarded seconds after being handed out. There’s nothing special or memorable about them. They are easy to dispose of. Plastic cards on the other hand are a little bit different. People take more notice when they are handed something more memorable like a plastic card. It just begs to be kept and tucked away in a purse or wallet. It’s a much more effective way of getting a promotional message across.

If this type of on the ground marketing isn’t quite getting the results organisations are looking for, it’s not a case of abandoning it altogether. Instead it’s a case of fine tuning and just doing something a little different.

Plastic cards don’t have to be expensive either. Yes they are glossier and altogether more impactful than paper, but they are still a cost effective option. Designing and printing a plastic card campaign ready for distribution is well within most budgets.

Plastic Cards Direct can help. No matter what kind of product, service or offer a company is looking to promote they can bring it to life with a card to give away. A card that shoppers and prospective customers will remember. It’s the smart way to reach would be buyers without blowing the marketing budget. Call or email the team to find out more.

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