Why use Indigo printing?

In the printing world there are generally two options to consider—lithographic printing or the digital alternative. It’s often thought that lithographic printing is able to reach higher standards than its digital counterpart whilst digital printing is more cost-effective and easier to manage, but now there’s something that offers the ideal combination—Indigo. Indigo printing combines the benefits of lithographic printing with digital to offer a high-end printing experience, producing results of exceptional quality that will meet and exceed your expectations.

The HP Indigo range of presses offers advanced printing technology, producing true ink offset printing in the same manner as conventional print to achieve the same look, feel and overall quality of lithographic techniques for high-end results that will set your business apart. But, the technology offers so much more than traditional litho printing—because it’s still got a digital framework it’s able to produce short runs without the associated costs, bringing the benefits of digital and litho together in one handy package.

As you can see, you really should consider using Indigo printing for all of your commercial printing requirements. The results can be exceptional yet you won’t have the price tag to match, and the increased flexibility allows for short runs and quick changes. But, the only way you’ll be able to get results of such calibre is if you seek the right Indigo printers to accommodate, and that’s why Ashwyk should always be considered.

This is a specialist printing company that prides itself on meeting and exceeding all recognised standards of print quality, and they use the HP Indigo 5000 in order to achieve that. This is one of the most advanced and finest printing presses currently available, and they combine this exceptional technology with a full in-house design and finishing service to place themselves as Indigo printers with a difference. If you want to see the benefits of this technology then Ashwyk should be your first and only port of call, letting you experience the Indigo difference for yourself.

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