Expats to be hit by increase in APD

Those who leave the UK to start a new life abroad have a range of financial issues to bear in mind. For example, it is important that they secure appropriate international private medical insurance to protect them and their loved ones in the event that they require treatment. Meanwhile, it is also necessary for them to budget for any trips they wish to make back to Britain to visit friends and family.

Indeed, such individuals may have to save more money to put towards journeys like this because of a rise in the level of Air Passenger Duty (APD). The tax increased from the first of this month and the rates will also go up in line with inflation on April 1st 2013.

Responding to the development, Daily Telegraph expat blogger Annabel Kantaria said: “If you fly, say, business class from Dubai with the family, the taxes and fees alone are more than £2,000.

“I ask myself, ‘Do I really want to go to the UK that badly?’ and the answer is often no. This year we’re flying into Spain, where the taxes and fees are a lot lower, then taking a cheap European flight over to UK in economy class, which also has much lower taxes than flying in from Dubai in business class.”

Another of those to offer advice on the topic was Tripbase.com’s Reuven Levitt. He suggested that business class passengers who wish to fly economy for one of the legs should “rough it on their return flight rather than the inbound”.

He also recommended that frequent flyers should take their chances with last-minute upgrades rather than booking business class tickets in advance.

Meanwhile, travel industry body ABTA has criticised the rise in APD. It described the move as “a further hammer blow to the industry”.

After the details of George Osborne’s Budget were announced last month, ABTA’s chief executive Mark Tanzer stated: “The chancellor’s confirmation that he intends to go ahead with double inflationary rise in APD on April 1st, together with a further increase in 2013, is incredibly disappointing.

“The government has repeatedly said it looks to travel and tourism as one of its key drivers of growth but instead of listening to concerns that APD is stunting this growth, not only in travel but in the wider economy too, it has chosen to significantly increase the tax burden.”

Those living abroad may be particularly focussed on saving their cash where possible so that when they do head home to the UK to visit, they are better placed to afford their transport. One way in which they can save money is to secure the best possible deals on the expat health insurance and any other cover they need.

Thankfully, getting great value expat insurance is now easier than ever before and, as long as individuals know where to look, they should not struggle to find exactly what they are after.

Meanwhile, being savvy when they book their flights home and making sure they limit their exposure to APD could also spare their finances.

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