Complementary Silver Rings And Necklaces

Combining various pieces of silver jewellery can be tricky to get right, but the eventual appearance could be classy and elegant. If you want some jewellery to replace existing pieces for a particular occasion, then silver necklaces and rings are a fantastic combination which could really bring your outfit alive. There are many silver rings on the market that don’t really make the most of the potential of this metal but Kylewis Jewellery has some of the best designers who aren’t afraid to take a more creative approach. What this can result in is a striking design that is eye-catching yet complementary. For instance the Sterling Silver White CZ Corkscrew Polished Ring is almost as shiny as chrome and can draw attention to itself. It also has a centrepiece of white cubic zirconias that trap light perfectly before radiating it out in a flash of brilliance. The corkscrew design adds something more unexpected to proceedings and all in all, the ring produces a level of quality and beauty that far exceeds its actual price.

Combining silver rings with silver necklaces is not too difficult when you have a good selection. From the same store, the Sterling Silver Oval & Marquise CZ Necklace combines cubic zirconias with highly polished silver, making this a very elegant piece of jewellery that can go with any other piece of jewellery. The accessory isn’t over-designed which ensures that it isn’t going to challenge other jewellery for the limelight. Nevertheless, it is still detailed and beautiful enough to hold its own, and its classic style and shape expresses a comfort and distinguished position with confidence. Complementary jewellery is often some of the hardest to find, but silver has such a willingness to sit alongside other metals that it can really become your fashion staple.

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