Improving Your CV

No matter what industry you work within, the more you have on your CV, the more attractive you will be to any employer. However, CVs can be funny things – if you have had too many previous employers, you may look unreliable, whilst if you have too much in terms of education, certain employers may be worried that you are merely using them as a stop-gap whilst you look for other work. Likewise, if you simply put too much on your CV in general, you may well put them off reading it. Instead, keeping it succinct will be far more tantalising.

Yet, there is one thing that you can have plenty of on a CV and still look great – skills. Therefore, no matter whether you are looking for a job at the moment, looking to change jobs in the future or even simply wish to have the best chances of progressing in your current company, adding to your skills will be very important.

This means that taking certain training courses is likely to bolster how much you can earn and how attractive you are to prospective employers in equal measures. Whether you take online courses or head back to college in your evenings, there will be many courses that improve your working life and even help you in your everyday life too.

One of the best will be an NVQ health and safety certificate. Whilst there are many that will be beneficial and whilst it is wise to take as many as you can, an NVQ level 5 will be extremely attractive to almost any employer in any industry, including your current employer. You may even find that you can ask your current employer to fund the course for you or give you paid time off to undertake the course.

An NVQ health and safety certificate will be appealing to almost any employer, so if you want to improve your CV, an NVQ level 5 may be the best place to start.

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