A Safe Career

One of the safest careers in the current climate is likely to be, somewhat ironically, a career in safety. Whilst staff are being laid off left, right and centre, government legislation has meant that more and more companies are having to employ occupation health staff to ensure their workplace is as safe as possible.

Therefore, at a time when unemployment is at its highest for a very long time, those with a NEBOSH certificate are finding that they are in higher demand than ever.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to look at taking a career strictly in occupational health and safety, and even those who are currently employed and totally happy in their job may well simply ensure that their jobs are safer if they have NEBOSH training to bolster their skill set. With such a qualification they will be far more valuable to their current employer and find it far easier to find work again should they for any reason find themselves unemployed or wishing to change jobs further down the line.

Those with a NEBOSH certificate who also have training in a very specific job or industry are going to be even more valuable than those who are simply trained in occupational health as they will not only be able to bring a knowledge of safety to any role, but also a deeper understanding of the industry that they are working within.

Whilst NEBOSH training isn’t going to be free, it may well mean that you can start earning far better wages very quickly and improve your chances of promotion at the same time. Therefore, no matter whether you are in employment or not, the investment is one that will no doubt pay for itself in a very short space of time, offering you far more options for your career, and far more chance to earn better money whilst having a very safe job.

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