Mining is not a new thing. Over the years, it has become safer and more focussed, with technology allowing both the miners themselves and those at the top of the hierarchy to ensure that all jobs are carried out with as much planning as possible to optimise both efficiency and safety.

However, the changes have been far less rapid than many may assume, and it was only a few short years ago that gas detection was as sophisticated as using live animals to check for the presence of gas.

However, since that time the ability and even the availability of an item such as a combustible gas detector has changed greatly. Therefore, whilst many may assume that all gas detectors are likely to be the same, the accuracy, ability and even portability of different gas detectors can be extremely different.

Whilst in the past, gas detection articles would have been very expensive and bulky affairs that would have still been fairly ineffectual for those in the thick of it, today’s detectors can be extremely lightweight, small and personal. Not only will the accuracy of a modern combustible gas detector be far better, ensuring that people have far more accurate warning of potential dangers posed by gas, but it will also be cost-effective to get gas detectors for all personnel, allowing people to go off alone and get done individual jobs that need doing rather than having to wait for the all-clear.

The risk level of mining is lower than ever before, despite companies being able to achieve far more, far faster than any other time in history. However, without the most modern detection systems, personnel and assets are likely to be at risk and, with the level of technology available today, there is no reason that anyone needs be put at unnecessary risk at all.

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