No yoga clothes required for unusual Brooklyn class

When people head off to their yoga classes, they tend to slip into suitable yoga clothing. Thankfully, there are now plenty of fantastic products on the market for individuals to take their pick from, meaning they should find it easy to source the right yoga wear.

However, one class being held stateside in Brooklyn Park Slope encourages its attendees not to wear anything at all when they turn up for the sessions. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the aptly named Naked Space studio runs nude yoga classes for men only.

The organisation’s website encourages yoga fans to get comfortable with nudity and “experience the deep healing of personal acceptance”. Meanwhile, the classes incorporate regular poses and breathing exercises and participants are urged to shed their egos as they shed their garments.

Explaining the concept, its website states: “More anatomical information is available to both teacher and student; it feels liberating; the experience of trust and community that exists in a group of naked people can be deeply healing.”

Meanwhile, one enthusiastic participant said in a testimonial: “I’ve never had so much attention paid to my inner body.”

The Daily Mail notes that Naked Space was established by founder Michael Gates seven years ago as a way to prolong naturist activities and “preserve communities” after the end of summer. It also offers various classes to women.

Of course, people who would prefer to keep their yoga clothing on while going through their exercises are not stuck for options. There are now many different styles of yoga class operating all over the world, making it easy for individuals to find sessions that suit them perfectly.

Similarly, sourcing yoga wear is now a doddle. By heading online, consumers should be able to get colourful, vibrant and flattering items that meet all their needs.

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