Car insurance users inconvenienced by sat nav bug

Many drivers, including those who take out one day car insurance or other short term car insurance deals, make use of satellite navigation devices. These products have revolutionised the way in which consumers get around and they can make people’s lives a lot easier.

However, like all forms of technology, they do not always work perfectly and recently, a number of motorists experienced problems with their TomTom devices. According to a BBC report, the items suffered glitches because of the extra day in February. This year is a leap year, meaning the month contained 29 rather than 28 days.

Commenting on the issue, the manufacturer described the hiccup as a “leap year bug”.

Affected consumers, possibly including users of one day car insurance or other short term car insurance policies, were presented with a grey screen and a message informing them that their devices lacked a GPS signal.

The company added that it was working on solving the problem and will update consumers as soon as it knows more.

One of those who suffered sat nav problems was Graham Pitt. He stated: “It refused to shift its position from Gatwick and kept showing a message saying ‘looking for valid GPS signals’.

“I assumed it had broken but when I went to check TomTom’s website I saw there were similar complaints about a range of models on its discussion boards. I feel this should have been made public earlier to alert customers to the problem.”

According to TomTom, the problem first emerged on March 31st. Meanwhile, when the BBC reported on the issue, a total of 350 posts had been added to a thread on the firm’s website entitled ‘No GPS Signal’.

The company, which was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, issued a statement saying: “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

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