The cars of the future

Many of those who make use of temporary car insurance, including one day car insurance, may wonder what the vehicles of the future will be like. After all, technology is changing at a fast pace and the cars on the road now are very different compared with those driven in the past.

Commenting on this topic, TechRadar UK suggested that vehicles of years to come will be smaller, lighter and more efficient than current models.

It stated: “The cost of oil is rising and environmental concerns mean government regulations have been put in place to cut emissions. In the UK there are incentives for cars that emit fewer than 100g per km – this equates to approximately 64mpg for petrol and 74mpg for diesel vehicles.”

Therefore, it is “no wonder” that there is considerable emphasis on designing electrical vehicles, the news source added, pointing out that “major manufacturers” such as Renault and Nissan are investing heavily in such developments.

It also predicted that smartphone technology will be incorporated into vehicles to a much greater extent. It said: “People are more connected than ever and car manufacturers recognise that people both want to integrate this functionality into the car and are willing to pay for it.”

Integrating phones with vehicle systems will allow people to benefit from entertainment libraries and it could also set vehicles to particular driving styles. The article went on to state: “The car will also be linked to the web, calculating or re-calculating routes to pass charging stations when required.”

Of course, as well as thinking about the future, motorists must also consider the here and now. For example, when they are seeking temporary car insurance, it is important they are able to find great value one day car insurance that does not bust their budgets. Thankfully, by heading online they should find this process simple and quick.

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