New Players in the UK Greetings Card Market Leave No Space for Slow Movers

The greeting cards industry has undergone a quiet, but no less decisive, revolution in recent years. The impact of this changing trend has been felt on the high street, with the recent news that Clinton Cards is undertaking a strategic review overseen by their new chief executive. This will most likely mean store closures as they look to scale down their business operations.

Many would identify this as just another victim of the financial crisis. But the real reason lies in the growth in the market for personalised greeting cards, and the failure of existing companies to adapt quickly enough to such changes. The growing trend is one that consumers have taken to in their masses and the appeal is easy to see: rather than having to go to a shop to choose from a range of set designs, customers can choose and modify cards themselves from the comfort of their homes.

By creating something that is unique to both the giver and the receiver, through editing text, modifying layouts and even uploading a photo, cards have become a lot more fun to purchase and to receive. The matter of posting the card is even taken care of, with the capacity to send cards straight to the recipient. The whole process of sending personalised greeting cards has become little more taxing than sending an email, and it is this level of convenience that increases the overall appeal of sending bespoke photo cards.

The internet, of course, is the tool that makes all this possible, and the industry has evolved to make best use of it for both businesses and the consumer. While the future for Clinton Cards may look bleak, the market for greeting cards will always exist, and companies that make the most the latest innovations are those that will thrive.

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