Outsourced payroll companies help small businesses thrive

In February 2012, the Forum of Private Businesses launched its Get Britain Trading campaign formulated with the purpose of lobbying the government to make it simpler and increasingly profitable for small businesses to operate. The changes, that it intends to put pressure on the government to implement, include measures to assist with cash flow and, unsurprisingly, the simplification of proportionate small business tax liabilities. Its recent research highlights the determination and optimism of the 18,000 small businesses represented by the forum. An overwhelming 95% are looking at inroads into new markets, with 74% targeting new domestic custom and 17% new overseas custom. Encouragingly, 55% of small businesses polled remain hopeful of satisfactory growth during the next 12 months of trading.

In order to assure that they give themselves every chance of achieving their goals, many small businesses enlist external help from professional payroll services. When benefiting from cost-effective payroll solutions, they can hand over the laborious amounts of red tape, renowned for hampering small businesses, and get on with the fulfillment of their business plans. Dependent upon the individual circumstances and sizes of small businesses, outsourced HR payroll service providers can work in perfect harmony with in-house staff, freeing them up from the laborious administration that accompanies payrolls and allowing them to use their time more productively as the business requires. Alternatively, payroll solutions can be provided on a fully managed outsourced basis.

At Moorepay, a longstanding, trustworthy and respected payroll company, we offer bespoke packages and solutions to small businesses operating in a vast spectrum of different sectors. We take great pride in justifying their returns on investment by offering payroll solutions that befit the specific needs of each individual small business, with the ability to develop alongside the changing needs of the business and business owner.

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