Lockers and cubicles that are built to last

Everyone has been down to their local leisure at least once to go for a swim, attend an exercise class or hit the gym. They use the changing areas without thinking too much about them. They put their clothes and valuables in the lockers, do their activity and then have a shower afterwards. For leisure centre managers however it’s a different story. That area requires a lot of maintenance and any equipment installed has to be built to last.

The lockers and shower cubicles they provide take a lot of punishment. They get used so many times each and every day that they need to tough and durable so they don’t wear out. Leisure centres operate on tight budgets so managers need to find solutions that are cost effective, but of sufficient quality to last. Having to replace cheap shower cubicles and lockers prematurely is false economy.

Managers are increasingly discovering the range of solutions and systems on offer for Prospec. They are a specialist provider in this field. They manufacture their equipment especially for this environment. It’s affordable, but it’s up to the job too. It can withstand constant use and punishment without wearing out quickly. It’s modern and stylish too making perfect for any kind of leisure centre.

Prospec make stretching the budget a little easier. It’s never easy working for a local authority. Financial pressures are also a prime consideration. Thanks to Prospec leisure centre managers can equip their changing rooms with quality systems that give customers and users everything they need to get ready and wash and relax after their work out or activity.

To find out more about the range prospective customers can call or email to find out more. The team at Prospect are always on hand and ready to help. They’ll recommend the right solution for each budget and environment.

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