Failure to implement health and safety measures continues to cost dearly

Leicester council has recently found itself facing a damaging double-edged health and safety sword after a park warden suffered personal injuries. The injuries were inflicted by a nasty fall on ice and snow whilst erecting signs warning park visitors to beware of the dangerous conditions under foot. The aim of the exercise was taking due care and attention to warn members of the public about potential slips and falls, demonstrating adherence to health and safety measures and offsetting compensation claim threats. However, due to injuries to his arms, back, neck and wrist as a direct result of the park warden’s fall, the council can expect to pay out up to £70,000 compensation to the unfortunate employee.

Some business owners and their human resources representatives might consider this to be a little excessive, as unexpected falls and slips do happen during periods of inclement weather. The crux of this particular matter is the fact that the council had purchased studded soled slip on shoes in order to safeguard its staff members working outside in icy and snowy conditions. As the park warden was not wearing a pair of these shoes at the time of his accident, the council may be considered to have been negligent in its risk assessment obligations and duty of care to its employee. They could have easily provided him with the necessary equipment and therefore significantly reduced the risk of injury.

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