Plan ahead for next winter

The winter is over and spring is finally here, but here in the UK people know they aren’t quite out of the woods just yet. It can still be pretty chilly for a while yet. Those winter heating bills are about to start landing on the mat too and some people are in for a nasty shock. Energy prices have rocketed in recent years and inefficient heating systems gobble up power, which goes some way to explaining those sky high bills that people are dreading right now.

Even though people’s thoughts might be turning to summer and the warmer months, it makes sense to start planning for next winter and think about a different way of heating the house. Electric underfloor heating might sound like an extravagance, but it’s actually a really sensible and efficient way to heat a home. It also adds a touch of luxury and comfort that traditional heating systems can’t match.

Just imagine coming home on a cold day, turning the heating on, and then finding warmth coming up under the toes from the floor. It works well in almost every room in the house. More and more people are starting to switch on to the benefits of under floor heating systems.

It’s easy and straightforward to install so switching to electric underfloor heating doesn’t to be expensive or disruptive. Increasingly people are questioning the tried and tested. Are storage heaters and radiators always the best option? Not when there’s the option of fitting under floor heating systems.

Warmup are experts in this field. They’ve helped thousands of customers make the switch to heating their home in this way. If this winter has been chilly and expensive then maybe it’s time to think about a different way of doing things. Plan ahead and make sure next winter is a different story.

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