What you can expect from an outsourced enterprise application support service

In this age of remarkable technological growth, it can be really difficult at times simply to keep up with the pace of change. For example, remote support, the ability for a technician on another continent to log in to your desktop machine and fix a problem, is now largely taken for granted. However, this is in-fact a rather recent development, only really coming to prominence in the last ten years or so.

Indeed, as a whole, the methods of IT support that were familiar to the office workers of the 80s and 90s have now been dramatically updated or completely superseded. In particular, IT support no longer has to be wedded to the physical location of the company or organisation it is serving. Whilst in-house IT support has its particular benefits (such as familiar faces around the office, and the reassurance that somebody who is tech-savvy is close to hand), it is now a relatively expensive option.

Indeed, here at Quantix, one of the UK’s leading application support companies, we offer a compelling, cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. We provide fully outsourced application managed services. This means that the bulk of the hardware you use to host your critical applications will be stored with us. Additionally, the applications themselves will be hosted on our servers, and your company will connect seamlessly, using the software as required.
Meanwhile, your company is saved the substantial overheads involved in running an in-house IT department.

Furthermore, an enterprise using one of our off-site application support services will benefit from dedicated 24/7 support provided by technicians who are completely familiar, not only with your applications, but the latest developments in IT and internet technology in general. This ensures you will get a highly reliable and fully up-to-date outsourced service.

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