Dedicated security fencing is harder to scale

Thieves can strike at any time. If something has a resale value then it’s a target. This could be anything stored on site and not just the more obvious items like computers, phones and cars.

Most thieves are opportunists. If they see an easy target they’ll strike. More obvious security acts as a big deterrent. Crime is on the up right now, so every site manager needs to review their current security arrangement and beef them up if necessary. No matter whether people are managing business parks, building sites, stadiums or shopping centres they need to make sure the perimeter is secure.

Razor barb is a simple addition to site security that can have a big impact. Not only does it make fencing and walls harder to scale, but it’s a serious visual statement as well. With some razor barb in place security incidents should drop significantly.

It also pays to review the current fencing arrangements. What kind of fencing is in place already? How easy is it to cut through or climb over? Dedicated security fencing is often the solution. It’s been specially designed to deter thieves. It’s stronger for starters and comes with anti climb measures to stop people getting in.

If the threat of crime is hanging over a site then security fencing and some wire on top can make a massive difference. Thieves will think twice about making a move. They don’t like a challenge and will quickly move on when they see these security measures in place.

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