Benefits of Mobile Shelving

Mobility within a building is an important factor across all commercial properties, for all individuals, whether they are staff members, clients or customers, they should be able to manoeuvre around an office space or shop floor safely enabling access to respective products or machinery. It remains a legal requirement for all companies to provide their employees with a safe working environment, ensuring that they remain efficient and productive and without any concern of having an accident. Anything which could cause a variable level of injury, such as a potential hazard should be avoided or removed. A determining factor within the overall safety within the workplace is the utilisation and consideration of floor space, ensuring all work stations and storage capacities are ideally positioned for requirements, thus preventing the creation of potential hazards and allowing employees the freedom to access required resources.

Traditionally positioned up against a wall (or placed in rows within the middle of an office / library), or installed within a room designated for office storage, shelving units are essential pieces of office furniture and beneficial within a commercial building. Although numerous units are pre-fitted installations, mobile shelving can provide additional advantages; freeing up more floor space and utilising storage efficiency. Mobile units are effectively shelving units which are mounted upon a track, with a handle mechanism or electronic controls placed on each unit allowing individuals to move a unit left or right and access a particular bay of shelving. Organising the shelving units in this fashion effectively eradicates the requirement for aisle spaces taken up by traditional shelving installations, which provides more space to be utilised for storage, or other business purposes. Unlike traditional units, mobile shelving can be altered or moved at the company’s discretion as the tracks can be placed on top of the existing floor, eradicating any damage which otherwise might be incurred. This not only protects the flooring while retaining a professional appearance, but also means minimal effort is required to move a unit placing significantly less strain upon a person’s body.

The concertina effect provided by mobile units not only reduces floor space, but also provides a significant increase in office storage which can be more efficiently utilised to store important documentation and backdated or archive data within a system, while still allowing individuals to access material from an efficient and modern facility.

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