The Importance of Efficient and Durable Shelving in a Library

Although significant advancements within computer and digital technology has culminated in the launch of high specification devices such as the Kindle which allows an individual to read books electronically, a library still remains the heartbeat of literature and as the prime building in which to delve into a book from a particular author or genre. Such is the wealth of literature available to avid readers of all ages, that libraries require an efficient storage capacity in which to hold all the books that are stocked for the purpose of being available to their members for loan. Accessibility is a fundamental aspect across all libraries as individuals strive for simplistic access to the books of their choice; this, in addition to operating an effective archive storage, is why sections or particular rows are categorised in alphabetical order of title or author, or located in separate areas to differentiate each genre.

Due to the considerable weight that a multiple number of books can have upon a shelf, it is important for libraries to integrate shelving units that are both durable and yet easily accessible. Both traditional and modern units are usually manufactured using hardwearing materials that are effectively damage-proof and strong enough to ensure any number of books can be stored upon an individual shelf without the potential threat of a shelf collapsing under their weight. As the supplying companies or library would be liable for any injuries caused by an unsuitable archive storage facilities, that either could not hold the number of stocked books required or which had been installed incorrectly, only illustrates the importance of ensuring that libraries specify the required standard of shelving units.

To run an efficient library service for local residents to enjoy on a regular basis, Local Authorities must take full advantage of the operating space provided within the property. As space can become limited, particularly within small-scale libraries, integrating mobile shelving can not only significant reduce the floor space that is required by traditional units, but could provide a considerable increase in storage space, this can be utilised for any potential increase in books received. The concertina effect of mobile shelving, more commonly used in offices or library stores, removes the floor space taken up by designated aisle spaces required for traditional shelving units, this can be particularly effective in a library as it allows more books to be stored and yet still allows individuals to efficiently locate their desired books.

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