Why Dogs Really are Man’s Best Friend

Even people who would class themselves as being ‘cat people’ would agree that felines are not able to provide the same degree of companionship as dogs. Indeed, the unconditional love which dogs give their owners can be a source of great strength.

In fact, dogs can provide their owners with a type of company that can often rival human relationships. After all, there is no such thing as an uncomfortable silence with a dog! Furthermore, owners do not feel ‘judged’ by their dogs so they are often far more willing to share their news, views and feelings with their pooch than with their family members or friends. Quite simply, the ever-reliable nature and unconditional love of a dog can provide people with a very special relationship indeed.

However, this is not to say that owning a dog is always easy.

Indeed, owning a dog requires people to invest a fair amount of work, responsibility and expense. For example, dogs require their owners to provide them with regular exercise and a nutritiously balanced diet. In addition, they also need to have somewhere to sleep and need to feel safe and secure when they are alone. Therefore owners need to make sure they provide their pooches with good food, a comfortable dog bed, a decent dog kennel and maybe even a dog run so that they can enjoy being in and around their dog kennel by themselves.

However, despite the need for dog kennels, beds, runs, food and exercise; the benefits of owning a dog greatly outweigh the expense and responsibility that come with it. Owning a dog really can help to reduce stress in people’s lives and provide them with all of the love and support they could need when times get tough.

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