Durastone has a selection of cladding that is sure to provide that professional appearance for any area of the home

Are you looking to transform those tired areas of the home? Have you thought long and hard about just how to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your renovation project, only to be left decidedly underwhelmed with the distinct lack of ideas? Fear not, the rock cladding of Durastone is here to the rescue.

So, what exactly is Durastone?

Durastone is a high quality manufactured concrete stone cladding product that is both lightweight and easy to install. As a simulation of natural stone the cladding itself has all the sublime finishing of typical stonework and is surprisingly durable, despite its lightweight feel. Oozing texture and beauty there really is no better design feature for that traditional appearance, and tasteful elegance.

Here at Durastone we offer our customers a selection of four distinct cladding designs. With a choice of colours and finishes and some of the most affordable prices of any cladding on the market today, you’d be positively mad to not come straight to Durastone and place this rock cladding in your shopping basket.

One of the most popular products in our catalogue is the cobble stone cladding. With a contemporary design this rustic stone has a linear shape, and adds an insurmountable amount of sophistication to any structure. The weathered look of this cobble stone was honed by masons throughout the ages and this attention to tradition and aesthetic appeal is glaringly apparent.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a design that has a more distinctive and visually stunning appearance, the Ez Fit Stone of cladding is one design that you certainly should never discount. Finely contoured and streamlined this panel stone is as distinctive as it is affordable.

To view the complete selection of products that we can offer you, or indeed to contact us with any queries then you need only come to: www.durastone.co.za.



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