Luxurious Beds for Today

Considering you spend perhaps a third of each day in your bed (so a third of your life) it’s well worth buying a bed that you love. What could be more inviting after a hard day at work than a luxurious comfortable bed that you look forward to climbing into so much that you don’t actually want to go to sleep, just so you can enjoy it for longer?

There are lots of beds on the market these days that claim to be ‘luxurious’. The term is a rather moveable feast, since it means different things to different people – for some, it equates to ‘expensive’ whilst for others it’s more about the quality and craftsmanship that have gone into its making.

There are so many good-quality beds on the market that it can be hard to choose which one you want. White beds, French beds, Upholstered beds, divan beds, oak beds, painted beds … the list goes on. Upholstered beds can look particularly luxurious if the materials in which they are upholstered are of good quality. Partly your choice will depend on the style of your bedroom, of course, but it will also depend on trying them out.

Mattress support and the material of the mattress will be the main determinant of how comfortable you’ll find your bed, and this is easy to test out in any bed shop. If you want to buy your bed online then make sure you do your research beforehand into the company that you’re buying from (you’ll need to choose one with good independent customer reviews for the quality of the beds sold and delivery arrangements). If you know which bed you want and what mattress you want then it is perfectly reasonable to buy your bed online – doing so is often far cheaper than buying from a bed shop in the high street.

If you buy your bed in person, then be sure to have a good look at how it is constructed. Flimsy material and wobbly joints are not going to last long and you’ll want your bed to last for at least as long as your mattress (around 10 years) and preferably even longer. Don’t be afraid to ask to take the memory foam mattress off the bed and have a good look at the support in the base – push and pull it and see how heavy it is to lift it (the heavier it is, the denser the materials and the more likely it is to last).

Four-poster beds are normally seen as luxurious and indeed if you have a room that can carry one off then go for it! You need a large, stately-looking bedroom to adequately showcase a four-poster. If you do get a four-poster then make sure you choose hangings that suit your room and that are made from thick, luxurious material – and don’t just get them to hang prettily at the corners, use them as they were intended and close them up at night to keep the warmth in and the light out! After all, a decent night’s sleep is a luxury we could all do with.

Four-posters are traditionally made of hard, dark wood, but you can also buy French beds that have a ‘roof’ over the top of them that look similar to four-posters (French beds are usually painted white or left as dark wood).

For some people, luxury comes in other forms and for them there is the ‘TV bed’ which incorporates a TV in the foot of the bed. These are practical and save space, and the TV slides safely into the bed unit when turned off so you won’t have to lie awake worrying that you’re going to put your foot through the screen in your sleep!

The Sleeproom sells beds, bedroom furniture and recently added to their repertoire; sofas. Which not only look good, they’re also very well made, are very good value and most importantly they sell furniture which is really comfortable.