More people accessing the web via their mobile phones

It is not surprising that so many people are engaging in mobile phone recycling. After all, technology is constantly improving and people are eager to get their hands on the new devices as and when they appear on the market. Many of those who recycle mobile phones are buying smartphones.

Indeed, according to a blog post by Pingdom, demand for mobiles that can access the web is rising at a fast pace. The organisation noted that more and more people around the globe are accessing the web via their mobiles.

It revealed that across the world as a whole, the share of mobile web traffic increased from 3.81 per cent in 2010 to 10.01 per cent this year. This was a rise of 162.73 per cent. Meanwhile, in Europe a jump of 183.43 per cent was recorded, leaving the share of mobile web use at 5.13 per cent.

Leading the pack in terms of the increase in mobile internet browsing share was Africa, which saw a hike of 155.69 per cent. Across the continent, the share of mobile web traffic stood at 14.85 per cent this year, which was up from 5.81 per cent in 2010.

Meanwhile, Pingdom pointed out that the proportion of mobile web use in some countries is particularly high. Indeed, in a number of nations, around half of all internet browsing takes place via mobile devices.

The firm commented: “India is very close to mobile traffic breaking 50 per cent of all web traffic, and several other countries have already passed that benchmark.”

Zimbabwe and Nigeria recorded shares of mobile traffic of 58.06 per cent and 57.89 per cent respectively.

Meanwhile, Pingdom added: “By all accounts, mobile web traffic counted in absolute numbers is virtually exploding in the next few years.”

As this trend continues, it is likely that the number of individuals engaging in mobile phone recycling will continue to rise. After all, people can earn money when they recycle mobile phones in this way.

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