Essential Tools For A Freelance Writer

If you’re a writer, the chances are you are also a freelance writer. Writing can be a great way to earn money doing a job you love, but it can also be lonely, which can lead to procrastination and missed deadlines.

In order to be a freelance writer, in reality all you need is a word processing device. However, modern technology has recognised that freelancers need help in remaining focussed, and there are now a variety of computer apps and programmes which have been designed to help.

Write or Die 2

This app encourages you to write via a punishment or reward system. If you stop writing, you will be presented with a negative consequence such as a poor image. Sounds harsh and it isn’t for everyone, but anyone wanting to give it a try can use the built-in timer to set a target word count.

Zen Writer

If you get distracted by your laptop, Zen Writer lets you work with a full screen to a selected background with familiar sounds such as a typewriter for inspiration. If your work is done solely on a laptop computer, you could invest in a sport lap tray such as these ones from Sport lap trays which let you work anywhere, including on the move.

For writers who tend to procrastinate, this article published recently by The Sunday Post discusses the reasons behind procrastination.


This invoicing app is used by freelancers wanting to produce personally designed invoices. It also has a feature allowing you to see when payments are late and is the perfect task when using your sport lap tray.


If your work requires you to keep up to date with contacts, this app allows you to keep in touch with colleagues and business associates, review past conversations, send bulk emails and track tasks.


This clever tool works with all browsers and operating systems and monitors the websites you visit throughout the day allowing you to monitor how productive you’re being with your time.

Focus Booster

As you would expect, this sophisticated online timer is designed to help you work efficiently and productively. It works on the basis of 25 minutes work, followed by a five-minute break, but can be individually configured.

Whatever way you work, it is a personal choice and needs to work for you.

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