The Importance of Preparation

For all sports physios and first aid delegates, preparation is of paramount importance leading up to and before each individual event or fixture as they are the most qualified and skilled individuals in their field to provide medical treatment if and when it is required. Attention to detail and awareness are vital characteristics for any medical personnel to obtain and maintain as injuries can occur at any given moment which may require a variable level of on-the-spot treatment. Contact sports such as football and rugby hold a greater potential for participants to encounter and suffer from minor or major injuries which require immediate attention in order to allow an individual to continue playing or provide vital care before medical services arrive.

From slight muscle pulls to head injuries and breaks, individuals who are assigned or employed as a medic or physio require all items and products that consist within sports first aid kits in order to adequately and competently handle any given situation or injury. The sheer presence of qualified medical personnel can bring ultimate assurance and peace of mind to all players who know that their overall safety and wellbeing is being overlooked and held at a high importance by an individual who can provide immediate treatment to ease any pain or stress, if required. Without the correct provisions, first aid professionals and physios can rue the lack of preparation and thoughtfulness to ensures products such as a first aid cold pack and adhesive support bandage are included within a medical bag as they are unable to help any individuals who may be in need of urgent treatment or support to shake off a minor injury.

All medical professional have an obligation to themselves and their club or organisation to be fully prepared, both mentally and practically within a medical kit, in order to provide individuals from any team with immediate attention and subsequent treatment to competently handle all forms of injury.

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