The Alternative to Dieting

It is official. Dieting doesn’t work. There are many reasons for this and new research has shown that it is not just the tendency for dieters to binge that makes many diets unsuccessful but how diets can reprogram the way we think that can also have a dramatic effect on how much weight we can lose and also how likely we are to keep the weight off.

In reality, whilst adding healthier foods to our diet is important to keep us healthy inside, those who wish to lose weight are far better off looking at changing their lifestyle than their diet. The more exercise you do, the more weight you are likely to lose. By choosing exercise such as dance classes in London, you will not only lose weight and have fun to ensure that you keep it up, but you will also be improving yourself at the same time, with Tango lessons in London helping you to gain a new skill on top of altering your figure and offering you a great deal of fun.

Whilst many diet foods simply fail to stop people from being hungry, in turn either stopping people from actually losing weight or, in some cases, leaving dieters even heavier than before they started their diet, exercise such as dance classes in London will only serve to help burn calories. So long as you don’t eat more junk than before, you are bound to shed pounds and not even feel like you are having to sacrifice anything for it.

Tango lessons in London are also extremely social and will allow you to improve everything from co-ordination to your confidence and, as such, if you are finding that diets are not working for you (an average woman spends a total of 31 years of their lives on diets), then choosing to dance your weight away may be the best alternative.

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