Upgrading Your Gas Detectors

New technology is being released all the time in every single sector. Were you to upgrade your systems each and every time something new came on the market, there is a good chance that you would be bankrupt in no time at all. Therefore, no matter whether it is integral tools or gas detectors, taking the time to understand when to upgrade will be extremely important.

Many older gas detectors can become affected by contaminants and over time become a safety hazard in their own right, ultimately not offering the right readings to ensure safety. In many cases, poor detection equipment has been the cause of problems rather than unexpected events arising. Therefore, knowing which type of detectors you have will be the best way to understand if you need to upgrade or not.

Many new gas detection systems will use infra-red technology to detect gases. This is a highly effective way to detect gas, but it is worth noting that only certain gases will be able to be detected by such technology. The likes of oxygen, hydrogen and helium only have one atom, and anything with only one atom will not absorb infra-red radiation, meaning such detectors will not pick them up.

This means that your own individual needs will also inform when you upgrade such equipment. Whilst infra-red may be perfect for the majority of industries, for others it will offer few benefits and therefore, whilst revolutionary, should actually be avoided.

Gas detection systems will need to be set up specifically for each individual company. If you feel that your detectors may be getting old, it is worth talking to specialists to see whether or not newer items really will benefit you and, if so, which are the items that are right for you. New technology will almost certainly help you stay safer, but only when it is relevant to exactly what you do.

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