The Art Of Timber Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture has really been a stale and mundane affair for far too long with many retailers choosing to stock furniture that is plain porcelain with the standard wooden cabinets to go along with it. However, there is a lot to be said for designer bathrooms that attempt something different and something new. Timber is rapidly becoming one of the best new options for bathrooms, and in particular for those people who want a classical look but also something that is a little bit different. Different types of wood can really add a touch of quality to fitted bathroom cabinets, giving them each a sense of style that belongs to an overarching theme. With different types of wood to choose from a dark or light scheme can be created that complements the amount of natural light the bathroom can receive.

The better retailers are now sitting up and taking notice of these designs, particularly when they come with basins, storage units, toilets, holders and vanities that all complement an overall design aesthetic that helps to bring together an expressive look. Golden oak is a great option for those who want to create a bright, natural aura in the bathroom and is particularly well combined with bright white porcelains and bright floors. Walnut on the other hand is a contrasting wood and can provide foregrounding for brighter objects, but may in itself be better complemented by darker surfaces and floors, although this could totally depend on the colour scheme in the bathroom already.

Surfaces should receive some special consideration since many designers offer laminate, marble, granite and solid surfaces, all of which can affect the perception of texture in the room. Putting all of this together can really be a pleasure for the customer, so it is well worth the retailers effort carrying different options.

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