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When delving in to the world of SEO in a bid for better placement in the search engine results pages and consequently higher volumes of traffic, numerous businesses pay close attention to what is happening on-page on their websites. This is well and good, as quality optimised on-page website content forms the solid foundation upon which effective SEO is built. If the on-page content is not engaging and relevant, attempts to drive increased traffic to websites are rendered ultimately useless. When on-page content of websites does not immediately hook the attention of browsers and fails to provide them with instant gratification, they are unlikely to hang around for very long, let alone be inspired to make enquiries or purchases. Identical principles apply to off-page SEO activity that creates backlinks via the submission of professionally written SEO articles to portals that best suit the products and services of businesses.

Just like the on-page content and blogging that happens on websites, the article submissions that happen elsewhere on the Internet are hardly worth the space they occupy if they are irrelevant. Naturally, SEO articles must, in their very essence, be relevant to the search engine spiders that find them first and get them seen on the screens of human browsers. This is achieved by the inclusion of the correct density of keywords and phrases, dependent upon the word counts of individual SEO articles. Average articles tend to range from between 300 – 500 words in length. Yet the ultimate success of off-page article submission is bolstered by an artistry that extends beyond its ability to act as a search engine spider magnet.

SEO articles initially need to be found by search engine spiders that in turn offer human browsers the opportunity to also find them. However, as is the case with poor on-page content, if human browsers are not interested in what they see at a glance, their visits are likely to be short lived. As such, the most professional and reliable SEO service providers constantly up their ante by producing and submitting only the latest search engine optimisation news articles. These articles are researched and written by experienced copywriters who possess the know-how to effortlessly incorporate the keywords that are all-important to search engine spiders. Yet they never allow the aim of appealing to search engine spiders to overshadow the ultimate purpose of any good article that appears in any format – it has to be well structured, engaging and relevant to the interests and needs of readers.

At, the SEO articles produced by our copywriters, coupled with our knowledge of the most befitting submission portals, continue to achieve tangible results for our clients. Our substantial SEO expertise forearms us with the knowledge that SEO articles written for the sake of search engine spiders, but lacking depth and relevance to human readers, are non-entities, regardless of how technically proficient they may be. We ensure that that this principle is stringently adhered to, so that businesses benefit from the human readers at the end of the line that our technical skills help drive to their websites.

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