Is Google losing a little of its touch?

SEO services obviously spend a lot of time looking at what Google is up to. As the world’s most dominant search engine, it has to be examined with care. Professional SEO services do not simply look at Google’s innovations. They also look at its current popularity relative to other search engines. It is important to have a notion of its likely future market share, so search engine optimisation services take a close interest in Google’s reputation management issues. The possibility that Google might incur penalties from regulatory bodies in relation to alleged anticompetitive practices has made this area a hot topic during 2012.

At, we have always kept a close eye on the evolving sphere of search. We recognise that this monitoring activity is central to achieving success. It enables consultants to adjust campaigns as necessary. Without a flexible approach, no campaign is likely to bring significant rewards to an online business in the long term.

The early months of 2012 were difficult ones for Google. There were concerns expressed over privacy issues. Its launch of ‘Search, plus Your World’ met with criticism. Survey research found that not many users are comfortable with personalisation as a concept. However, Google’s popularity as a search engine in terms of its market share did not take a major hit.

However, in mid-April Google made an error. It clumsily attempted to promote ‘Search, plus Your World’ in a way that triggered complaints on social media networks. It pushed the service in a way which meant that users were frustrated in their attempt to get on with their day-to-day business. Users found it difficult because the material designed to make the service appealing was resistant to being rejected with a click. Due to what Google later described as a bug, the box returned.

This kind of incident could make some people think that Google was being insensitive to user needs. However, the truth is that it should not be viewed in isolation. Google maintained that the promotional box would not be so persistent in the future. Google does spend a lot of time listening.

In addition, Google certainly spends a considerable amount of time on public relations. One of its co-founders gave a lengthy interview to ‘The Guardian.’ Sergey Brin contended that Google was a defender of freedom on the net. He criticised Facebook for making information hard to switch to other services. The outspoken approach of Brin may alienate those who are enthusiastic about Facebook. However, it may help Google reclaim some control of what the media are discussing.

In conclusion, it must be said that it is premature to maintain that Google is losing its touch in a significant manner. Its continued dominance reflects the fact that it is keeping many people content. The media and users are quick to seize on small misjudgements it makes. However, Google could suffer even if it is more surefooted in future. Google could be hit by the series of allegations of anticompetitive practice. Other big players in the industry might not be innocent, but Google could be in the firing line.

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