Yahoo may mount a recovery

When Yahoo announced that it was making 2,000 workers unemployed, some commentators took the opportunity to declare that it marked a further stage in the protracted decline of the search engine. Hence some site owners may have felt that Yahoo was not something to be optimised for. Any link building campaign has to involve scrutiny of the search world. However, that scrutiny has to be thorough and prudent.

At, we pursue campaigns which are based on meticulous analysis of the sphere of search. We always ensure that our link building efforts are flexible enough to take change into account.

Link building strategies are inevitably complicated and the right way forward varies from site to site. Nonetheless, it simply is not possible to get the maximum number of high quality links if one does not consider all the opportunities properly. When it comes to the search engines, it is not sensible to make snap judgements based on the market share of a company.

When it comes to Yahoo, the health of the company was put in doubt by the widely reported downsizing. However, it was the fact that a comScore survey revealed a fall in search queries during the first quarter of 2012 which underlined the gravity of the company’s situation. While nobody would refute the idea that the search engine is in a tricky situation, some other information indicates that its future might not be as bleak as one might think.

For a start, both Yahoo’s net earnings and total revenue in the initial quarter of 2012 were up from a year before. Furthermore, the money made from search was also significantly higher. These indicators show that the company has got more going for it than some of the initial reports made in the aftermath of the jobs announcement suggested.

Yahoo’s Chief Executive Officer Scott Thompson is relatively new in the post. However, he does seem to have a vision which might help the company develop some positive momentum. He has an awareness of the need to prioritise what Yahoo does and is clear about the need for it to achieve greater focus. Therefore, any idea that there is a sense of inevitability about Yahoo’s future is open to serious criticism.

When it comes to link attraction in particular, it is important to recall that the future is open. High grade links cannot be gained if one has a closed mindset. Google may remain the dominant search engine and Bing is also looking stable, but it would be narrow-minded to write off Yahoo at the moment.

Going forward, it makes sense to keep looking at comScore surveys and other relevant reports. The battle of the search engines is not simply engrossing, it is also critical insofar as it permits more effective work on various campaigns. However, British site owners have to be careful to remember that American data might be misleading with regard to the British context.

Acquiring inbound links is not just a matter of knowing the ins and outs of the search engines. However, a lack of knowledge can mean that strategies do not stand the test of competition.

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