Don’t let fear of Twitter stand in your way

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are now an essential combination when approaching your Internet marketing strategy. Social media provides businesses with a way to engage and build relationships with their prospects. Facebook and Twitter are often central to a business’ social media marketing plan but for many companies there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the best way to approach SMO. For many businesses the prospect of building an online community is extremely daunting, if not a bit scary.

Mastering Twitter
When first setting up a profile on Twitter it can feel overwhelming. There are some great examples of businesses using Twitter to its fullest capabilities. They use a mix of informational, funny and conversational Tweets, intermingling their content effortlessly. They use it as a platform to promote content and blogs on their website, they re-tweet interesting and relevant information and maintain constant communication with their Twitter followers. They seem to tweet the right things at the right time effortlessly.

However, these businesses are not successful by chance. They will have invested a great deal of time and resources in testing the best form of Tweet for their audience and market. There may be times when they post a Tweet twice. Choosing various wordings, they can test the effectiveness of each. This can also be done to test ‘promoted tweets’. There is a huge amount of potential possible – you just need to start tweeting.

At a loss for ideas – ask your audience
If you have a Twitter following you can gain great insights into what they want to see. Just ask them and they will be happy to give you an opinion. This online community love chatting, so you can even set up a poll to get some real answers or simply quiz them for some suggestions. There is no limit to what you can offer in Twitter, so just keep testing to see what works. Look at other successful businesses and test their approach to see if it could succeed in your market.

It’s all about timing
If you’ve got your ideas sorted you may be worried about getting the timing right. There are certain times that are more popular for tweeters. These should be tested with different Tweet types. However, each community will be different so you need to research your own market to understand how to leverage the best value.

If you have an international audience, then sending Tweets through the night is an advantage. You can automate this process and although you may not be engaging with individual people, you can automatically update them on events and posts. If you are only open at certain times then you may need to look at alternative scheduling.

The key to success is to not let Twitter frighten you. There will be Tweets that get a poor response but for each one that bites the dust there will be numerous others that are a resounding success and could inspire a blog post. With just one Tweet you could connect with millions.

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