Decorating dining rooms the French way

When people are seeking interior design inspiration for their dining rooms, they often turn to old-style French creations. There is something captivating about French reproduction furniture. It has a sense of opulence and class about it. Also, the French have such an impressive culinary history and food is so deeply embedded in their culture that it is no surprise they came up with some of the best dining room furniture designs.

According to an article in the Financial Times, the first grand dining room in France was probably in the Loire Valley’s Cha-teau de Montgeoffroy.

It went on to state that traditional French dining rooms often feature a chandelier, wall sconces and mirrors, while the floors may be stone or parquet and walls tend to be panelled to absorb cooking smells. Meanwhile, the chairs are usually delicate and pretty.

Commenting on people’s tastes in dining tables, interior design expert Tino Zervudachi said: “The French prefer to draw inspiration for the table setting from the local market. When they decorate the table they think: ‘What are the prettiest flowers in the market?’ They don’t think of silver racing trophies. There is a total connection between the food on the plate and the table decoration. It relates to the time of the year, the season.”

Meanwhile, 20th-century French furniture expert Julie Blum said dining rooms in France are places where people show off their major paintings rather than their family portraits.

Anyone who is keen to get their hands on stunning French style furniture can head online. There, they should be able to find superb French living room furniture, shabby chic lounge furniture and so on.

Using items like this may help them succeed in ensuring their interior spaces have more character and appeal. Thankfully, purchasing items in this way is simple.

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