Who Needs PAT Tests?

Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT testing for short) is a type of electrical inspection that ensures that any small electrical items such as lamps, kettles and even computers are electrically sound for use within a business environment. For commercial businesses, such testing is often required by insurance providers and even those who work for themselves may find that, to go into public spaces, the equipment they use has to have been PAT tested for it to be allowed on site.

In some cases, maintaining portable appliances is a legal requirement, and portable appliance testing may also be a requirement needed to satisfy insurance companies, but either way it is something that is simply going to ensure that both staff and customers are as safe as possible near portable electrical equipment.

The law states that all electrical equipment must be maintained in a state of good repair and unless you undertake electrical inspection it may be impossible for you to be certain that the items you use are indeed as safe as they should be.

The fact that there is no fixed time as to how often such inspections should take place within the regulations may make it harder for businesses to appreciate the implications. Whilst it may make it seem on the surface that such inspections are not too pressing, in reality it will simply mean that, should you not carry out such inspections regularly using the right testing company, if a problem occurs, you don’t have a legal timeframe to help you prove your diligence and instead, should the courts deem that you were not responsible, you could face huge fines or even imprisonment.

Therefore, almost every business is going to benefit from PAT testing its equipment, and, whether to simply maintain compliance and keep your staff safe or whether to ensure that you will be allowed to take portable appliances on to very specific sites, the right testing could save you a huge amount of money and hassle.

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