See your garden bloom using a professional Planting Plan

I’m not exactly blessed with green fingers so when it came to updating the look of my Courtyard Garden Design I didn’t know where to start. Somebody suggested I use a Planting Plan and that sounded like a great idea if only I knew how to make use of such a feature. A Planting Plan is extremely useful if you are going to change the look of a garden. The Planting Plan gives consideration to all aspects of the garden makeover it highlights the level of work that is involved. I’d never drawn up a Planting Plan before and it quickly became apparent that I was in way over my head. So it was clear that professional help was required with the project and I needed the skills and experience of a reliable garden designer.

Ask a garden designer to draw up a Planting Plan

It was the best thing I ever did to get help with the Courtyard Garden Design the specialist I approached was extremely experienced at producing a Planting Plan. I contacted Jackie Middleton with a request for a Planting Plan and she sat down with me over a cup of tea and discussed my project in great detail. I talked about what I wanted from my new look garden design and once the Planting Plan was drawn up I knew exactly how the finished scheme would look. It’s handy to have a Planting Plan in front of you because it shows everything in clear detail.

Why is a Planting Plan important?

Most professional garden design teams use a Planting Plan as part of a project. A Planting Plan is a detailed design scheme that shows the exact location of every single plant that’ll be used in a new Courtyard Garden Design. The name, quantities and size of plants will be clearly indicated on a Planting Plan and it gives details of the planting schedule as well. When I looked at the proposed plan for my garden I could picture the changed layout in my head and could visualise how the garden would look once the transformation had taken place. Working with Jackie Middleton was a pleasure and my garden looks amazing thanks to her fabulous creativity.



Planting Plan available at We offer a bespoke service and on interpreting the information we produce a planting plan and schedule showing plant names, space quantity and size. Visit us today for a Courtyard Garden Design.