Simply Stunning Style r la Française

Sometimes you can look at a photograph of a street scene and instantly tell which country it is without any other information. Just as styles of architecture can be particular to a specific country, so too can styles of furniture. French style furniture has the same inherent characteristics as French buildings – elaborate detailing, classic curves and ornamental beauty. It is for these reasons that many people are choosing to decorate their homes with French reproduction furniture, combining this classy elegance with modern day trends, such as damask wallpapers or floral patterns.

French style furniture looks particularly attractive in homes with otherwise simple décor. Placing an elegant table or chaise longue against a background of all patterned walls and a jazzy carpet simply just won’t show your pieces off to their best advantage. One of the main reasons for buying furniture in this style is precisely because it is so stunning, so you’ll want to be able to maximise its beauty. You won’t even have to think much about the rest of your décor if you are completely redesigning a room, as the pieces will work for themselves and create a style or theme for you. Just choose an overall colour theme and you’re all set!

Although French reproduction furniture is never going to be the same as the real thing, it is still a solid choice that will last a long time. Choose pieces that are made from hardwood materials such as oak or mahogany, as these will stand the test of time. Some pieces, such as chests or cabinets, will even use metals to finish them off, which looks incredible, particularly in a room with a lot of light to reflect it. This is a great idea for smaller spaces, as they will instantly appear larger through reflecting their surroundings.

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