Not Too Shabby Indeed

If you’re trying to find some great design inspiration for a room or rooms in your home, then French shabby chic furniture and décor is an excellent way to go. Although the style of French furniture tends to be fairly classic in design, when coupled with the shabby chic look, it is now an ultra modern and popular way of decorating the home.

If you watch any home style or design programmes on TV, you’ll know that retro is back in a big way. Retro doesn’t have to refer to the 70s and 80s either. Shabby chic painted furniture is a form of retro with that extra touch of elegance – and not a lava lamp in sight! One of the main reasons that this style is so popular is because it looks fantastic but also goes with almost any interior. Therefore, if you can’t afford to redo your whole living or dining room, just adding a few pieces in this style will really revamp the room and give it a fresh new feel.

Another reason that French shabby chic furniture is so popular is because of its homely feel. Gone are the days where minimalist living and angular corners are all the rage; now it’s all about curves and soft pastel colours to brighten up your home. With shabby chic painted furniture, you can add your touches of colour through the furniture items themselves, either to contrast or compliment a coloured wall, or simply to stand out against plain white or magnolia. You don’t have to choose items of the same colour – French furniture is all about expression, so mix and match it up a little to get a room full of character and elegant style. If you change your mind, you can always repaint your pieces in a year or two to recreate the shabby chic look once again in another palette of colours.

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