Listening to Your Pet

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be able to talk to cats, being able to translate conversations between owner and animal easily and giving helpful advice to the former as to how better to cater to their animal’s needs. However, the majority of us know that this is complete hokum, and yet we can all understand what our pets are trying to say in a much more vague sense if we only start to pay attention a little more.

Felines are particularly easy to understand as their tone and even the length of their meow will change very drastically depending on what they are trying to ‘say.’ As such, it is very easy even for human ears to pick up the general meaning of any meow, whether your pulchritudinous pussycat wants to be fed or is simply trying to say hello.

Each cat will also be more inclined to be more timid or forthright with their communication as, just like humans, there are going to pussies that are reticent and those that are bold as brass. But, in either case, how do you know exactly what your cat is trying to say?

Many are obvious. If they are pacing near their bowl, they are likely to want their cat food. If they are unusually subdued, it may well be that they are under the weather and, if they are hissing, there is a good chance that they are showing aggression for one reason or another.

Whilst being able to communicate with your cat is going to be extremely beneficial all round, there are more important reasons to listen to your animal than simply for convenience. A complete change in the way they ‘talk’ is likely to mean that something is wrong and listening to your cat and understanding what meow translates to what general expression will help you to spot when something is wrong and potentially help you address how you treat your cat and know exactly when they are ill to boot.

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