Top quality Oracle support from an Oracle Platinum Partner.

A large business or organisation, by the very nature of its work, will always have a lot on its plate. Products need manufacturing, refining, selling and distributing. Customers of all kinds need to be satisfied, services need to be procured, finances have to be tracked, the business must be compliant according to an ever-growing list of standards and staff have to be recruited and managed effectively. Organisations and charities in the not-for-profit sector face similar challenges, as well as distinct challenges such as the continual need for fundraising.

All these enterprises have at least one key characteristic in common: a reliance on databases. Having some means of keeping track of all these disparate processes, activities, systems and transactions is absolutely critical. A 21st century large-scale organisation would simply not be able to survive without at least one database – and this is usually a complex, relational database.

Many organisations turn to Oracle, founded in the 1970s by Larry Ellison, for their databases and increasingly for the applications that databases support. Oracle systems have a reputation for rock-solid reliability and an ability to handle, effortlessly and seamlessly, vast volumes of data and simultaneous transactions.

Here at Interoute Application Management, we are experts in providing insightful, productive and effective Oracle support. As one of the UK’s leading application support companies, we have the rare accolade of Oracle Platinum Partner. Essentially, this means that we are sufficiently trusted and celebrated by Oracle to act as a professional, reliable conduit for their range of software and services.

The kind of services we can offer range from site-based consultancy, to fully-fledged cloud hosting of your key Oracle applications. Through our excellent application managed services, delivered remotely, you will be able to access a tool such as Oracle EBusiness Suite as if it were provisioned within your building.

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