Effective enterprise application support – crucial to large-scale IT systems

Large companies, organisations and enterprises have some specific IT challenges which are not always found in the small office, home office or small business environments.

These challenges are partly to do with scale and partly with the kinds of processes that the big companies are engaged with. In terms of scale, for instance, enterprises need to host databases which can support, potentially, millions of records and many simultaneous transactions. For example, a large online retail store may need to process multiple purchases per second and any underlying database needs to resilient and responsive enough to handle this kind of usage.

Meanwhile, enterprises make use of specialist software to handle, amongst other things, their accounts (maybe on a global basis), procurement activities (which must conform to international standards), production processes and fleet and warehouse management. Again, these software packages have to be fully functional on a continuous basis.

Supporting such applications and their underlying databases requires a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced approach.

Here at Interoute Application Management, a leading UK application support specialist, we can provide a service that effectively follows this multi-faceted approach.

Our consultants can visit your HQ and tackle large-scale database problems, whether they involve corrupted tables, failing backups or performance bottlenecks. Alternatively, we offer a highly reliable outsourced hosting service, which means customers no longer have the stress and costs of in-house hardware support.

Our application managed services are sufficiently flexible that we can confidently migrate any kind of application (even bespoke ones) to our data centre. We can then give your software a new lease of life, with your company being able to access it from anywhere in the world via secure Internet connection.

Should you opt for an outsourced solution, you will see IT total cost of ownership reduced, whilst experiencing a robust, resilient and effective application support service.

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